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As a small diaspora community, we need your time and skills to keep us going.  We have volunteer opportunities available for every individual wanting to help.  If your are a student and need to volunteer at a non-profit, search no more!  Bring in your school paperwork and we will sign off on your volunteered hours.

Below you will find the available committees within AAAofSJ and volunteering programs.  Complete the Volunteering Application and let us know which committee you would like to volunteer for.  If you are under 18, you must have parental/guardian permission to sign up.  Complete the Under 18 Parental Consent Form and attach it to your email.


This committee is dedicated to providing financial assistance to talented needy Assyrian students in less fortunate regions who demonstrate merit and need in achieving their higher education goals.

Assyrian Professional Committee (APC)

The mission of APC is to create a networking opportunity within professional Assyrians in the Northern California geographical locations. The goals of the group are to utilize members’ expertise in order to educate, motivate and share opportunities with each other within Assyrian communities.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate valuable relationships with peers while learning practical and proven methods from industry leaders – and all within a friendly Assyrian setting.


If you would like to become a mentor or mentee, please send an email to

Qooyama, the Young Adult Committee

Qooyama is calling all young Assyrians!  Qooyama is the youth committee of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose.  This is a place where young Assyrian adults can join each other in a healthy and productive environment to stay connected with their peers and community as a whole.  The word "Qooyama" meaning awakening, was chosen to name the youth committee as a constant reminder of our group's goal; to awaken the next generation of Assyrians and revive our culture.

Qooyama is a neutral social Sub-Organization that celebrates our diversity while uniting youth under one Assyrian name.  Uniting the next generation of Assyrians through cultural and social events.  The Young Adult Committee is open to all Assyrians from the ages of 18-30.  This committee focuses on bringing the youth together in various situations from raising awareness on Assyrian events occuring back in our homeland to hosting fitness classes, organizing monthly Thursday hangouts as well as throwing parties.

Assyrian Ladies Committee

The Assyrian woman has traditionally been the pillar of her home and community.

This committee is a salute to the critical role of women in society and an opportunity for Assyrian women to come together and fulfill various community needs that exist.  This is not about a cooking group.  This is about self-defining group of dynamic women who will determine areas of need in the community and address them in a way only an Assyrian women can!

This committee consists of two sub-committees: Visitation and Entertainment.  To get involved in one of them, email or

Helping Hands

The Assyrian American Association of San Jose works collaboratively with other Assyrian organizations in identifying the needs of the Assyrian community in large and make recommendations to the Executive Board for any applicant or groups seeking aid from this Association. The Committee also puts efforts in setting fund raising plans to help our community members in need.

The goal of this committee is to promote humanitarian projects of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose through Bay Area and on special need basis abroad.

Assyrian Futbol Club (AFC)

Assyria Futbol Club (AFC) is a semi-professional soccer team of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose. The Assyria Futbol Club (AFC) started as part of the Peninsula Soccer League (PSL) in the highest division which is the Major Division – this league is not only a very competitive league, but is affiliated with the US Soccer Federation. AFC is comprised of young athletes who through soccer are able to build an environment where youth feel a sense of community and camaraderie.

If you are interested in joining AFC or for more information, email

Teens Program Committee (TPC)

TPC is dedicated to the preservation of Assyrian culture, language and heritage amongst the younger members of our community between the ages of 12-16. This committee strives to foster pride in the Assyrian language and culture by providing social and learning opportunities for Assyrian teenagers with guidance of volunteer parents. The range for the children in this group is from middle school thru high school.

Children's Program Committee

CPC is dedicated to the preservation of Assyrian culture, language and heritage among the youngest members of our community by engaging the children with community activities and through Performances for Assyrian Heritage Dates including Nissan (Assyrian New Year) and Nusardil, Movie Nights, Assyrian Performances & Songs, annual camps and regular field trips. This committee strives to foster pride in the Assyrian language and culture by providing social and learning opportunities for Assyrian children. The age range for the children in this group is from 5-10 years of age.

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