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Nissan Table Decorating Information, Guidelines & Registration

Want to add your tasteful flavors of Nissan by decorating your table?

​Since 6757 or 2007, the Assyrian American Association of San Jose has made efforts to promote the revival of Assyrian traditions during our Assyrian New Year festivities by the help of community by decorating our homes and our Assyrian New Year banquet.  

The concept of decorating tables at the Assyrian New Year Party and in our homes for this great celebration of our ancestors was to bring our community together in harmonizing and re-discovering our culture and traditions for this oldest celebration of the New Year.

Visit History of Assyrian New Year, to learn about the history of table decorating and few suggestions and ideas, driven by doctrine of Ancient Assyrian mythology and some information referring to modern Assyrian traditions.  Be as creative and as imaginative as you can to restore and reinvent our Assyrian traditions in the most meaningful way.

If interested in decorating your table, please register by completing the form below.  People’s Choice Award will go to the best decorated table.

Kha b'Nissan Table Decorating Form

Thanks for submitting!  See you at the party!

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