Visitation Sub-Committee

The Visitation group reaches out to the elderly and/or ill people in our community by making routine monthly visits to senior/retirement facilities all over the Bay Area. Each visit is aimed to cheer up the visited individual by having a social interaction through conversation (and the ladies bring tea and delicious pastries/baked goods!) In addition, to the monthly visits the ladies in this group also make sure to do visitations for Easter, Valentine’s Day and Christmas as well as sending out ‘Get Well’ and ‘Sympathy’ cards as needed.

If you would like to have the help of this committee with your busy life, in making visits to your loved ones there is a caring heart in this committee that would love to extend a hand. Your calls and identity of visited loves ones are in full discretion of the visiting member and will not be disclosed to any member not in direct relation with this visit.

Interested to integrate or for more information contact us:

Committee Members:

Rubina Ambrikhas, Juliet Odisho, and Flura Massihi, Arbella Danielo, Cardelia Daniels, Juliette Odisho, Bella Oushalem, Diana Oshku, Nellie Tuman, Rochelle Yousefian


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