Qooyama, the Young Adult Committee

Established in 2013, Qooyama is calling all young Assyrians! Qooyama is the youth committee of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose (Shotapoota). This is a place where young adult Assyrians can join each other in a healthy and productive environmnet to stay connected with their peers and community as a whole. The word “Qooyama” meaning awakening, was chosen to name the youth committee as a constant reminder of our group’s goal. To awaken the next generation of Assyrians and revive our culture. San Jose has an incredibly diverse Assyrian community boasting many political parties and religious institutions. Qooyama is a neutral social Sub-Organization that celebrates our diversity while uniting youth under one Assyrian name. Uniting the next generation of Assyrians through cultural & social events. The Young Adult Committee is open to all Assyrians from the ages of 18-30. This committee focuses on bringing the youth together in various situations from raising awareness on Assyrian events occurring back in our homeland to hosting fitness classes, organizing monthly Thursday hangouts as well as throwing parties.

Formerly the Young adult committee of Assyrian Amrican Association of San Jose was Nissibin (Read More) [Hard Link]

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