Helping Hands Committee

Established in 2007 Helping Hands of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose works collaboratively with other Assyrian organizations in identifying the needs of the Assyrian community in large and make recommendations to the Executive Board for any applicant or groups seeking aid from this Association. The Committee also puts efforts in setting fund raising plans to help our community members in need.
Goal of this committee is to promote humanitarian projects of the Assyrian American Association of San Jose through Bay Area and on special need basis abroad. This goal primarily was geared towards helping Bay Area Assyrian immigrants during the migration phase in 2007 and 2008.  In addition to Assyrians of Bay Area, Assyrian communities in Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Gurgistan, and Armenia have also benefited from Humanitarian aid projects driven by this committee.

  • Kamelia Odisho (Committee Chair)
  • Cardelia Daniel
  • Johnny Pirayou
  • Dr. Arianne Ishaya
  • Rochelle Yousefian
  • Jacklin Ternian
  • Edison Ebrahimi
  • Diana Oshku

Some examples of these projects are:

Cargo of Hope

New Resident Assistance Program

Assisting newly established household in Bay Area coming from Iran or Iraq with household goods and furniture donated by members of the community. The provided aids are as follows: providing furnished housing, help with finding housing, and assisting them in completing their paperwork.

Aid to Assyrian Elderly Senior home in Iran

As the need became evident abroad, so did this committees mission in assisting all immigrants Assyrians around the globe. Helping Hands Committee raised funds by making knitting and selling them through the community. Funds collected from these sales were forwarded to assist this elderly home in Iran.

Knitting for Elderly Care facilities in Bay Area

Helping Hands committee donated remainder of the Knitting to Visitation Sub-Committee of AAASJ to be given to elderly care facilities in Bay Area.

Santa’s Gifts during the Christmas Season

Helping Hands provided gifts for Santa’s visitation of less fortunate families during the Christmas season

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This committee recruits applicants and is responsible for providing personal information of new members to the secretary of AAASJ Association.

Goal of this committee is to gain new members to widen its perspective for the good of the community and association.

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