Children’s Program Committee

This committee was established in 2008. CPC is dedicated to the preservation of Assyrian culture, language and heritage amongst the youngest members of our community by engaging the children with community activities and through Performances for Assyrian Heritage Dates including Nissan (Assyrian New Year) and Nusardil, Movie Nights, Assyrian Performances & Songs, annual camps and regular field trips. This committee strives to foster pride in the Assyrian language and culture by providing social and learning opportunities for Assyrian children. The age range for the children in this group is from 5-10 years of age.

This committee’s mission is to connect generations. In practice, the goal is to not just familiarize young Assyrian children with their cultural roots by educating them of their language, history, and cultural values, but also creating a sense of pride in their Assyrian identity by creating an atmosphere where they can maintain such growth.

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Get to know our past and present supporting parents and volunteers:

Joseph Dadashadeh, Ninveh Khoshabian, Firas Jatou, Monika Malekdavoud, Rochelle Yousefian


Joseph Dadash Adeh, Nineveh Khoshabian, Monika Malekdavoud, Firas Jatou, Rochelle Yousefian


Fabiola Majlesara, Arbella Givargiz, Fedra Vardeh, and Nineveh Nissan.


Alina Sargis – Chair of the Committee

Louise Bet-Yadegar, Claudine Campbell, Natalie Gevargiz, Evlin Menashy, Sharokina Polous, Fabiola Mado



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