Assyrian Professional Committee (APC)

he mission of this group is to create the networking opportunity within professional Assyrians in the Northern California geographical locations. The goals of the group is to utilize members’ expertise in order to educate, motivate and share opportunities with each other within Assyrian communities.

APC has created the ultimate networking hub for Assyrian professionals who wish to advance their careers through knowledgeable executive insight and connections with fellow peers in the industry. Our esteemed industry summits feature prominent panelists, while our exclusive roundtable events allows our attendees to gain direct access to business executives and leading industry decision makers.

In cooperation with our ‘Mhadyana’ committee, our mentoring initiative will allow

You to become a mentor to an Assyrian youth. Students and new college graduates

Will have the opportunity to receive strategic direction, helping professionals

Build innovative and competitive enterprises.

This is an unparalleled opportunity to cultivate valuable relationships with peers while learning practical and proven methods from industry leaders – and all within a friendly Assyrian setting.

Increasing membership is our goal and we aim to do so by having social events by organizing attractions that are based on current events happening in our Assyrian society. These events consist of exceptional speakers and are also great opportunities to obtain current information and to be educated about certain affairs.\\


This committee promotes local Assyrian business leaders and individual professional in various industries to develop strong network within the Assyrian Business Community. The networking ranges from manufacturing to technology to service industries, capturing entrepreneurs, corporations, and other business entities.

Vision for this committee is to strengthen this professional network by offering quarterly business seminars, given by various Assyrian leaders from different industries, capturing every essence of business and personal leadership growth.


This Committee is a space to strengthen the networking community among Assyrian-Americans. By connecting accomplished professionals with Assyrian American college students, recent graduates, and those who are seeking a career change, this committee open doors to greater success and accomplishments in professional realm. This committee is designed to serve age group 19-23 years old, but other age groups are welcomed as well. As for the function of this program, mentors and mentees will be matched based on their career interest, geographical location, and professional goals.

Goal of this committee is to provide necessary resources for young Assyrian Americans. Resources include but not limited to one on one meetings once a week (in person or electronically), information on possible experience opportunities such as, internships, fellowships, and long/short term job opportunities. Above all that, mentors will provide professional advices from personal experience that will provide an insider’s view for mentees, resulting in a professional awareness.


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