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The Assyrian American Association of San Jose (AAASJ), a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization, was established in October 22, 1981 in Santa Clara County. The main objectives of this organization are to promote the Assyrian language, heritage, and culture among all Assyrians; To assist Assyrian charitable, cultural, and educational organizations at the discretion of the Executive board of this organization; and demonstrate a need for public or private charitable support; Provided, however, that any expenditures, distribution or bequest shall qualify under the purpose set forth in section §501(C)(3) in accordance with code section §170 of the Internal Revenue Code of 1986.

After the barbaric invasion of Mosul, the Nineveh Province of Iraq, in 2014, 500,000 civilians were displaced. Among them were approximately 250,000 Assyrians (also called Chaldean and Syriac). While indigenous people to the land, Assyrians were forced to leave their ancestral home, convert to Islam or die.

AAASJ, in line with its main objectives, founded the ‘Helping Hand’ committee. AAASJ has also launched several humanitarian projects, such as ‘Cargo of Hope’ and ‘Yulpana’.

  • Cargo of Hope was an effort to send shelter and clothing to Iraq so the Assyrians could stay warm during the winter months.

  • Yulpana provided financial support to aid in transportation of the internally displaced Assyrian children to schools.

  • Walk For Assyria “Walk4Assyria” was introduced to raise awareness and funds for humanitarian aid to Assyrians in Iraq and Syria. The humanitarian aid is provided by partnering organizations.


Rochelle Yousefian



Firas Jatou

Vice President


Rosika Babakhanian



Nineveh Oksar



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